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27 December 1954
I'm an elderGoth, part Asian, part Spanish and part Caucasian, married, mother of 6 cats. My husband and myself used to run a small greenhouse/nursery, but that failed. I'm a gardener, trying to supplement my disability income. Husband works at Walmart. I do garden writing, and hopefully, someday, other writing, as well as doing crazy and art quilting, sewing, remaking and repurposing things, and making beaded jewelry. I grew up in Los Angeles, spent several years in San Diego,and have lived in north Idaho for 30 years now. I have almost finished faux finishing just about every room in this house. It is, of course, being decorated in Goth style! I am a liberal, a pagan and a witch.

I suffer from a variety of chronic illnesses (and get passing viruses VERY frequently due to a poor immune system) so I end up with a lot of posts whining about how I feel.

I am now a hospice volunteer, a volunteer at the shelter with the job of socializing kitties, and have started taking belly dance lessons, which is pretty comical at my age, clumsiness, and lack of coordination.

I post a lot of book reviews.

I swear a lot.

A Cast of Characters for my journal:

Tim- common law husband of 25 years. A much better deal than the first husband. EDIT: made it legal on Dec 5, 2014!

George- Tim's father, 84 years old, lately went through some very bad health problems and almost died. He has been like a father to me for all these years. Owns the property we live on and has a log house here, but spends a lot of his time over at his girl friends place in the Tri-cities. R.I.P. June 22, 2009

Chris- Tim's brother. Has small house up on the hill behind us.

Sideshow- oldest cat, black and white tuxedo Manx with six toes. RIP March 14, 2013
Banshee- middle cat, my darlingest baby sweetheart. Long haired black. He started having seizures a three and a half years ago. We don't know what started them, but there is a pretty high chance he has a brain tumor. This makes me extremely unhappy. RIP July 25, 2016
Natasha- Formerly known as the youngest cat, abandoned by her feral mother on our doorstep. Bottle raised her. She's insane. Small, fluffy, and black.
Silver- Next to last addition (he is younger, but not the Youngest Cat referred to in my journal to this point). Grey male dumped in a friend's yard when he was about 6 weeks old. At first he was a lap kitty, but Banshee adopted him and now he only plays and sleeps with Banshee. *sigh*
Luna C.- fluffy gray female. She was abandoned when Colin's neighbor moved away. He couldn't take her in because he has an older, chronically ill cat that pretty much hates all cats. So he paid to have her checked out medically and now she's ours.
Norris Von Stenchbottom- we really need to change his middle name. When we first got him, his farts not just peeled paint but made the walls melt. Black and white tuxedo, male, his pregnant mother was abandoned when her humans moved. Our vet took them in and raised them to 6 weeks and fixed them and gave them their shots.
Pantera Buddy - aka Panterrible- almost a year old but tiny male adopted from a co-worker of Tim's, who found him as a wee tiny thing and took him in. Sadly, her wife is horribly allergic to cats so he couldn't live in the house, and she didn't want him to have to be outside. She had him neutered and vaccinated but he picked up giardia and coccidiosis at the vet so he's had one med after the other.
Hoover Damn- Big gray male with tattered ears and extra thumbs, who appeared in the yard last fall. Was very skittish and spent almost all winter outside. He was eating on our porch iwth the feral, so I made friends with him and eventually was able to bring him in. He is now a total lap cat. No idea on his age.

I own the Yahoo Gothic Gardener's email list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GothicGardeners/ and the Gothic Decor group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gothicdecor/?yguid=61442094 neither of which are active any more.

I used to have a lot of articles on the web, but every place I've written for has gone belly up.

My blog: http://manycatsmanor.blogspot.com/ This is where I talk about crafting and gardening

My book blog: http://bookwormismytotem.blogspot.com/

My Etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ManyCatsManor

The Animal Rescue Site

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